Regional Utility Network


Confluence, Water Technology Innovation Cluster, is creating solutions through regional partnerships in the Ohio River Valley.

In 2015, Confluence created the Confluence Regional Utility Network (RUN), a unique group of utilities from a complete cross-section of the water cycle, including source, storm, drinking, and reclaimed water.

Through a shared need to address specific and growing challenges, the Confluence Regional Utility Network provides a platform for developing customized, forward-thinking solutions, promoting regional resource efficiency, and driving water technology development.

The first Confluence Regional Utility Network Conference held on November 4, 2015, used a utility-only setting. The group created a prioritized list of 21 urgent challenges that they face including source water protection, real-time monitoring for contaminants such as algal toxins and the merging of IT and utility operations (e.g., cost of maintaining evolving technologies and maximization of data collected).

In response, Confluence will hold a Technology Showcase on December 6, 2016, connecting utilities with the technologists, developers, and manufacturers that can help enable specific solutions to the 21 challenges.

If you would like to join the Regional Utility Network, please apply here.