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February, 2019

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Thank you for joining us for our final 2018 Confluence Connects event

Congratulations to Dr. Rakesh Govind for being awarded Confluence Entrepreneur of the Year

About Dr. Rakesh Govind

Dr. Rakesh Govind obtained his MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, where his thesis was on automated development of chemicals and processes using artificial intelligence. He briefly worked at Mellon Institute and then joined University of Cincinnati as Assistant Professor. In 1996 Dr. Govind founded PRD Tech, Inc.,(Process Reserach and Development), to bring new environmental treatment technologies to the market.   Since 1996 he has founded several companies, while continuing to teach at the University of Cincinnati.  Dr. Govind has been awarded 8 patents and published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Brief Description of Companies

PRD Tech, Inc.

Developed technologies for biological treatment of air contaminants, wastewater treatment, electro-treatment of pollutants in water

LCP Tech, Inc.

Liquid crystal polymers, enzymes for machining fluids

NextGen Septic, LLC

Decentralized wastewater treatment from individual homes, restaurants, small buildings, golf clubs, etc.

Water Warriors, Inc.

Retrofitting existing wastewater treatment plants with high efficiency aeration and biomedia, improved treatment in existing lagoons,

enzymes for increasing wastewater treatment effectiveness

SofTap, LLC

Surface Assisted Crystallization of temporary hardness in water

Congratulations to the OU Research Collaborative team for being selected VOLUNTEER(S) OF THE YEAR

Cheers to Rob Bondurant, Dejay Hayn, Todd Dockum and Willie Steinecker for their great work on the Confluence Groundwater Workshop at Russ Research Center, July 17, 2018.